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Shipping notice: Late deliveries

Since April, we've been seeing more packages than normal getting "stuck" in transit well past the estimated delivery date.

We've seen transit delays of up to 10 weeks, but they all seem to eventually make their way to their destination.

While we can't speak to the exact cause, we believe there's an overwhelming surge of shipments traveling through the USPS, who's working within the constraints of recommended health and safety protocols.

Lately, we've seen reports that sorting machines were being removed from busy USPS hubs that may have contributed to causing extreme delays. This article details what's been happening in at the hubs here in Chicago.

Unfortunately, we do not have any additional information other than that and what's displayed in the tracking data for your shipment.

We know this isn't ideal and completely understand your frustration. We want you to have your order just as much as you'd like to receive it, and we are committed to making that happen. If you're having a bad feeling about the status of your order, we recommend following this advice from USPS and checking our shipping FAQ below.

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